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Knowledge Risk Management. From Theory to Praxis

From the Springer series: Management for Professionals


This book provides an in-depth introduction to knowledge risk management (KRM) as well as methods, tools and cases to address knowledge risk management issues in both the public and private sector.


It focuses on the integration of knowledge risks into the holistic risk management of organizations. In addition, this book is accompanied by an external website that includes additional checklists, videos and company cases.


The combination of a sound theoretical framework along with practical instruments, tools and ancillary materials makes this book a unique, interactive book for professionals, managers, and executives as well as students, academics and policy makers.


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Knowledge Risk Management. From Theory to Praxis

Impulse für Digitale Lösungen. Empfehlungen für Kleine und Mittlere Unternehmen

Editor Matthias Hartmann


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are just as much faced with the challenge of digitization as large corporations and must review and adapt their business models & processes. Here, the HTW Berlin offers support in the form of the project "Digital Value", funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).


Created from the fruitful cooperation between application-oriented research and daily business practice, this volume offers solutions, ideas and impulses for small and medium-sized enterprises.


In the chapter "The HR function - a "digital failure"? Ilka Heinze and Thomas Henschel highlight the pent-up demand of human resource management in digitization and discuss tasks and responsibilities of the HR function in the digital transformation.


Keywords: human resources management, cyber security, smart city, digitization, data protection, IT security, small and medium-sized enterprises, SME, crafts, professionalisation


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Impulse für Digitale Lösungen. Empfehlungen für Kleine und Mittlere Unternehmen

Governance, Risk und Compliance im Mittelstand

In an increasingly demanding global business environment, efficient corporate management systems are becoming central pillars of successful market assertion in medium-sized companies. They ensure long-term entrepreneurial adaptability and strengthen your negotiating position with lenders and other stakeholders.


Based on extensive practical insights and tailored to the challenges of small and medium-sized enterprises, Thomas Henschel and Ilka Heinze will present to you

  • which legal requirements and guidelines on governance, risk management and compliance must be observed,
  • how to develop suitable management tools to critical risks even with scarce resources,
  • how you can check and interlink existing subsystems,
  • what experience SMEs have gained to date in this respect and what implementation problems they will typically encounter.

A continuous case study and empirical findings for each focus area illustrate the most important decision-making questions and possible scope for action. In addition, an online Quick Check provides you with a scientifically sound assessment of the development status of your company management and the recommendations for action derived from it.


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Governance, Risk und Compliance im Mittelstand