Risk Management

Based on current research and best practice findings, our consultants provide you with their expertise in the following topics:

Review of existing risk management processes

We analyse your company's risk management process and offer you practical recommendations  - resting upon a personality-based risk typology, among other things. In this way, you can ensure that your company can master the daily challenges in a dynamic competitive environment. True to our pragmatic approach, we pay particular attention to the integration of existing corporate management systems. We don't want to reinvent the wheel, but rather create new, modern ways of using it.

Implementation of risk management systems

If you want to further formalise your risk management or introduce a risk management system for the first time, we will develop a risk management concept that is suitable for you. To this end, we work with you to define realistic project goals and strategies - adapted to the size and structure of your company - that lead to a practicable risk management. We take your corporate strategy into account to ensure that the implemented system grows with your company and can be flexibly adapted to changes.

Digitization, Big Data and AI application

The buzzword digitization is currently always at the top of the agenda and the digital revolution is not even stopping at risk management.  Machine-supported real-time analyses based on big data and artificial intelligence are fields of action that offer great potential for holistic risk management. We point out possible approaches and accompany you in the implementation of the desired methods and instruments.

Risk management workshop facilitation

wee consult offers both cross-company and in-house training to improve risk sensitivity (perception) and to further develop techniques and methods for risk identification, risk assessment and risk control. The training courses are aimed at managing directors, experienced managers and employees who are charged with risk management issues.


Our cross-company training courses, in addition to the pure transfer of skills and competencies, pursue the goal of creating a forum where participants can exchange experiences in risk management and support the transfer of knowledge through these suggestions.


The internal trainings do often have a workshop character.  The aim is to provide the kick-off for the development of a company-specific risk profile. Here, our experts take on the role of moderator or facilitator.